Why Sell to Buy Homes Direct

We offer a “hassle free” service that incurs no extra cost on your part. We are not an Estate Agents, simply a Property Company that buys and sells houses, so no fees or commissions are involved.

There are many so called “property companies” who say they are cash buyers, who say they can buy your property quickly. In reality many of these companies act as middlemen, and don’t actually purchase the property themselves, instead they will try and source an investor, ie from London. In this situation you are not selling your property to a company, instead this is to a “potential buyer” who may or not want to buy it, have the funds to buy it and invariably you will end up wasting your time.

Buy Homes Direct are a bonified cash buying property company and it is Buy Homes Direct who actually purchases your property.  We have our own funds, with the backing of one of the largest banks in the UK so the money is in place, enabling us to buy quickly and efficiently. We would not have had over 30 years experience of purchasing properties without proper adequate funding.