• The Housing Bounceback

    May 19, 2014, by , Posted in Blog, 0 Comment

    When it comes to current property stats and facts house prices seem to be on the up and up! This prompted us to investigate this further and we have devised and created this useful infographic charting the rising prices of certainly homes all across the United ...

  • Pest Preventatives For Your Property

    September 16, 2014, by , Posted in Blog, 0 Comment

    We never like to have intruders in our humble homes, and some people may have some without even knowing. Dealing with pests in the house can be a huge annoyance for many house owners, and many of them can do significant damage to your fixtures ...

  • Great Space Adding Illusions For Small Rooms

    November 5, 2014, by , Posted in Blog, 0 Comment

    When it comes to properties we, or someone we know, always has that one room that gets filled in seconds and it’s hard to find a good purpose for it. If you’re particularly unfortunate you might even have a small living area which can make ...

  • How To Create A Boho Look On A Budget

    January 13, 2015, by , Posted in Blog, 0 Comment

    Bohemian chic is a style that has taken rooms across the globe by storm and is a very fine art to perfect. The whole idea of boho is that it is purposefully unconventional and creative, just like the people who live under that roof. You ...