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Great Space Adding Illusions For Small Rooms

When it comes to properties we, or someone we know, always has that one room that gets filled in seconds and it’s hard to find a good purpose for it. If you’re particularly unfortunate you might even have a small living area which can make communal activities hard. Well not to fear as over the years many bright sparks have come up with some neat tricks and ideas to turn your tiny space into a moderate dwelling without knocking any walls down. Here we’ll look at just a few of these tricks.

A Mirage Of Mirrors

It’s almost common knowledge, but there are still some people who haven’t taken full advantage of this technique. The idea is simply to place mirrors in one or two carefully selected places to give your room the appearance of more depth. Not only does this work in the day to day home but this has also been used by a number of businesses.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Storage has gotten rather clever in the last couple of decades, and it’s now easier than ever to hide all your lovely goods safely and securely. The way things can be stored vary from under the stairs cubby holes to secret sofa space. The benefit is that not only is all your precious stuff still close to hand but it opens up the room tenfold.

Half Painted Walls Look Tall

If you’re struggling to make space from side to side, try looking up. Your walls are the biggest and best canvas at your disposal and can help you add more height simply by being painted half or part way up the wall. This break in colours gives the illusion of a taller wall in an instant, and is so easy to put together. It gives the space a whole new life of its own.

Undress Your Windows

The reason why many small rooms look just so is because there isn’t enough light coming in from the outside. The solution? Leave them exposed. Curtains can sometimes look quite bulky so getting rid altogether will definitely make the room more appealing. If, however, you’re not keen on the neighbours knowing you too much then net curtains will do just fine.

The Art Of Multitasking

The great thing about some items of furniture is that they can have more than one role within the room. For instance, your coffee table to have extra draws, your sofa could fold out into a bed, your footstall could make a nice sturdy side table and so on. Creating more function in certain furnishings can free the space up a little more than you think.

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