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Pest Preventatives For Your Property

We never like to have intruders in our humble homes, and some people may have some without even knowing. Dealing with pests in the house can be a huge annoyance for many house owners, and many of them can do significant damage to your fixtures if left untreated, leaving you forking out several pretty pennies on your property. This is especially unideal if you’re looking to sell up. So, what should you be doing to resolve this issue? Here we have a few examples of tricks and tips to ensure your home isn’t raided by roaches or lumbered with lice.

Examine Your Nooks And Crannies

Bugs love to get into all the tiny spaces we tend not to send look as they are big fans of the dark, and many of them tend to naturally borrow in the wild. A handful of them also like damp areas such as bathrooms or kitchens to it’s also worth checking there are no loose drips in the house that are encouraging them to come in. Be sure to check that the whole property is air tight especially if you own an older property. Many aged structures will have drafts caused by cracking or poor sealing, so windowsills and areas where there is lots of piping are at risk. A quick reseal can make all the difference.


Troubleshoot Your Trash Habits

Now we’re not talking boxes and plastic cups here, we’re talking about all the more raw earthy materials that most critters love to call home. This includes leftover veggies, meats, fruits, dead flowers etc. Bugs are smarter than you think, and if you have a particularly wiffy big bag lying around the chances are the bugs will smell it and want to get to it. The easiest solution to this is simply to have a small compost bin in the kitchen or a large one in the garden. If however you don’t have a compost bin just make sure you wrap your perishables in small plastic bag before throwing it in the trash.


Give The Local Critters Some Help

There is quite the stigma surrounding all things small as a lot of them are seen as icky or dirty. The vast majority of people would only think to kill those that grace their homes, but that won’t stop others from finding their way in. If you want to be a bit more of an eco-warrior and have the time to help then you can always create safe havens in your garden such as wood piles or dirt mounds to deter them away from your humble home. Not only does this keep your property safe but also ensures your tiny friends still have somewhere to go, and also stabilises their own local population.


If In Doubt Call The Experts

If you’ve had a good look around and you’re not liking what you see then it’s time to let the professionals take over and bring back your home to its previous standard. Be sure to tell them exactly what breed of insects are bugging you if you can as some formulas of repellent or poison work better than others. The experts should also be able to track exactly where the pests are coming in and advice you as to how to fix it. It might cost you a bit of a fee, but to ensure your house is completely critter free it’s very much worth it.

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